Abstract Art Paintings… a story of blessing and success

I fell in love with creating abstract art paintings but living in a small town where this type of work is not generally appreciated I did not think there would be such success. I am honored and blessed to have sold 80 pieces to Adventist Health, Sonora for the new cancer center.

abstract art on canvas, 'brave'


Abstract art on canvas. My painting love…. I have been blessed to have been noticed around the country for my work. I enjoyed a season of time working with an agent whom I met while at Art Basel in Miami. I have been showing my abstract art paintings in several galleries over the past 10 years and have been honored with my art as a significant presence in the new Diana J. White cancer center in Sonora, CA. So far each patient room has 2-4 pieces and they are in the process of hanging the larger works throughout the rest of the building. abstract art on canvasThere are many in this community with their fingerprints in the building which will be used to help many through terrifying illnesses. I hope nobody I love has to see the inside of those patient rooms, but should they have to, I am honored to have my work in there and my fingerprint on that space… not that my art adds comfort to anyone, but I know that space will be used to help and heal and for that I am honored to have been chosen to be a small part of it.

Beginning –

I can say that I truly love being part of this small community, for many reasons… I never thought I would be a part of the community in this way because abstract art is not what I have sold here, usually that work sells outside this community in the galleries, rarely to clients here. That said, through some people I know I found out that the cancer center was going to be a more modern space and that abstract work would be a great fit. I never dreamed they would purchase so many pieces, but I underestimated the beauty of small town community and connections. My connections here have led to friendships that I never expected and am so thankful for.

abstract art paintings on canvasOctober 2014, discussions had begun about the sale of these art pieces and the building had not even been started. My son, age 7 and I were invited to do what we call a “together painting” on stage for their gala fundraiser event for the completion of their dream to create the center. I am not an on-stage person, but my son loved it! We spent the entire event on stage painting  (and I was 8 months pregnant at the time as well) – through dinner, music and talks… auctions etc – we painted, my son telling me what to paint and where and having in depth conversations with any and all who spoke to him about “his” painting…(LOL, I think maybe he spends too much time in the studio with me… he actually did a good job!). We created “Brave” (the painting pictured above with me) in honor of the brave people who have to deal with cancer in their lives.

Now –cancer center wall

I felt it necessary to share the day of the ribbon cutting because…. well I feel so blessed to be a part of it all I can’t help but to share it. My abstract art paintings are like a journal for me. They tell a story of my life. Some paintings I do are more “functional” as in they pay the bills. I love painting them no matter the subject but the abstract work is my “soulful” work… my experiences, what I feel, they are in a sense part of me. To have them appreciated so much as to be purchased as a whole collection for public display is an honor beyond just the sale itself. It is, in a way an acknowledgment and acceptance of who I am as a person and artist… Hard to even put into words to know something I created is so appreciated by others…..

What now –

I continue to work on the series, adding new elements to it to make it a little different from the first part of this series. I sell at the Chartreuse Muse in Modesto, CA – Studio 7 Arts in Pleasanton, CA and out of my studio. I continue to look for new galleries, both physical and online as I have time. My most important job is and always will be my children… but continuing to paint is necessary for me as well. I welcome comments and emails, inquiries about my abstract work – I sell and ship all over the US… Please leave comments below, and thank you!

various images of the cancer center, speakers, art by other amazing people of this community…. many people involved in the creation of this space… thankful to have been a teeny part of it!

abstract art on canvas

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