Abstract…. or almost anyway.

abstract artI am working on a new series and really loving it. They take a lot of time and effort….. hours….. and hours….. and hours….. but, if you are looking to buy abstract art paintings and you are looking for something different, I might have what you are looking for! I create these paintings from study sketches so my clients can pick out the sketch they want and have it made into a finished abstract art on canvas in many size choices depending on their budget and needs…..abstract art

Two abstract series, what’s the difference?

abstract art on canvasThe first abstract art on canvas series I created is not retired, but the entire series sold to the hospital so I am currently re-building the series so there is work available for sale. That series is based on every day life – little moments of my day, details that include moments from watching my kids play to a flower I drew while hiking or something as silly as a spill on a sidewalk that had an interesting pattern…. simple, largely unnoticed moments of everyday life turned into abstract art.

My second and most recent series is also based on life but in a different way. All are done with little….. very little, tiny details that need magnification in order to see them. What I like is taking something that is too small to be noticed and making it much, much bigger than life. I change them by making them intensely colorful and bright. The two relate because I am creating both series from life and with the same materials – mixed media (acrylic, ink, paper) to create original abstract paintings, abstract paintings on canvas for sale….. so – if you are looking to buy abstract art online I have work that is fun, different and full of life and color.

From start to finishabstract art sketchabstract art on paper abstract art

I begin the work with study sketches. I originally had planned to use the smaller drawings for only the lines – I only wanted them because I tend to draw small, paint big – the smaller drawing was going to be nothing more than means to create larger paintings. The first series was drawn in a way that I could not use the sketches but with the second series I really liked the drawings so began to use watercolor and/or colored pencils to create a finished work….. then I decided that they would look great framed and possibly several on a wall as a series would be a different way to fill a large space – simple modern frame and the same on all of them – then the vision was there so it is almost two series in one! From there I used the original sketch to finish the painting on canvas….. I have the sketches available for $200 each – simply email me ww@wearebypinkthistle.com – I bill via PayPal for the art and then you pay the shipper directly. I deliver the art to the local packing and shipping business and they take care of it all. Easy peasy!

abstract art sketchthis is an example of the sketch (left) and the almost finished abstract art on canvas (below). They are not identical, but the sketch is a very close representation of the finished product.

abstract art paintingI like this drawing, and those colors

no problem! see a drawing you love but does not fit your colors? I am pretty easy to work with and have a desire to help my clients and my ultimate goal is to create a painting you will be in love with for years to come so do not hesitate to email me with any questions you might have! I check my email almost daily and will get back to you as quickly as possible!

How long does it take?

That time varies. I often have a back up of commissions so it can take up to 6 months depending on – normal turn around time is 2-3 months.

If you have a deadline just let me know and I will work with you to meet your deadline………………………..

Cost?abstract art

The cost for my first series is $1.25 per square inch ( a 30×40 is $1500). The second series is much more involved, time-consuming and detailed in a way that it takes hours and hours more to complete. The cost for that series is $2.00 per square inch – making a 30×40 cost $2400. The study sketches sell unframed for $200 each. I can do framing as well but I recommend using your local framer for a couple reasons: 1. It’s not a bad idea to support your local framer and 2. It reduces shipping cost and possibility for damages during shipping. I love getting the income from framing as well as the art but in the end I prefer you use someone in your local area because they need income as well….

Please do not hesitate to email me at ww@wearebypinkthistle.com or simply comment on this article and I will get back to you. I hope you enjoy our articles and artwork! Have a wonderful day!

abstract art
abstract art sketches…. ready to be painted into the finished product: original abstract paintings on canvas. All include acrylic, ink, and paper – with beautiful patterns and a 3d gloss finish. Sure to be an amazing focal point in any room!

abstract art

8 thoughts on “Abstract…. or almost anyway.

    1. thank you! where are you located? If you want to see drawings my studio is open by appointment. I have many drawings finished and ready to turn into the finished paintings on canvas – the ones that are already finished are for sale at Studio 7 Arts in Pleasanton, CA.

  1. WOW really nice website and you are truly talented! I am a big fan of Georgia O’Keefe and some of your works remind me of her style.

    Also enjoyed the section on how to paint. I have never considered myself a good painter but your approach gives me hope.

    Overall beautiful web design

    1. Thank you! I love my job and sharing with others, especially when it gives a sense of hope! The thing about art is, good or not to enjoy it. That is what matters! We will be doing some YouTube videos in coming months with demos. I would love you to check them out and take our lessons!

  2. I love your art and your concept of taking unnoticed moments of life and turning it into abstract art.
    Your use of colour is beautiful too.
    Some of your art reminds me of crystals, others of sea creatures. I guess that’s the point, the viewer sees whatever they want in the artwork.

    1. thank you for visiting and reading! Abstract art is a wonderful thing! I love how it is a “journal” for me – a story of my life and this series an expression of enjoying the moments that largely go unnoticed or unseen – yet everyone who sees it and takes the time to engage can find themselves in them in a different way or see something different. I am glad you enjoyed the work. check back soon to see our new articles as we are always posting new art and jewelry!

  3. These are seriously stunning!! What gorgeous work, Corey! I was immediately drawn to well, absolutely every piece on the page! I love that you sold a series to a hospital – I hope the patients and medical staff there have pleasure looking at your work!
    How did you get into abstract art? Is this raw, natural talent and creative juices, or have you studied somewhere to refine your craft?

    1. good afternoon! Thank you, I really love my job! I have an article on my site titled a journey to loving mixed media abstract- it is a glimpse into my story. My art training is more representational work. I did go to art school but until college I was self taught and after college took everything I learned there to develop my abstract style…the sale to the hospital was a big deal to me not just for my resume but a “wow” confirmation that my work is valued by others. There is an article about it on my site as well, abstract art, a story of blessing and success. I would love it if you had time to read them and let me know what you think! Thank you for visiting my site and have a wonderful day!

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