Another great place to buy gorgeous jewelry!

Found some great silver jewelry – some great gold jewelry…. can’t wait to share what I found! I am not so much of a “product review” writer as I am just super excited when I find great jewelry or art to share….. if I had the money to collect jewelry the way I would like to each and every piece I share would be in my collection! I just share what I love and welcome comments when you find something you love as well…. so, please comment below – I love finding new and wonderful art and jewelry!

Buy jewelry online? yes!!!

statement ring
OH MY GOODNESS!!! maybe because I love statement jewelry…Maybe because I am in love with that green… but this is a great piece of jewelry!





statement necklace

absolutely fantastic necklace!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!





moonstone pendant

I love moonstones and this pendant is a fantastic statement piece!




statement pendant
I love textures… when I paint I create a variety of textures and patterns….. the pattern in the stone is just gorgeous!




garnet bracelet
This is such a beautiful bracelet – I love the organic lines and beautiful stones….






amber ring

great statement ring – the silver is beautiful and the amber would make it look great with gold jewelry as well…. such a great ring!






modern elegant jewelrythese are beautiful! it is simple, elegant and modern yet classic all at the same time! These are pieces I would not mind adding to my jewelry collection!

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