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Peridot… probably one of my favorite stones, which also happens to be the August birthstone. I love the color! I could write all day with descriptions and photos of amazing peridot jewelry. Gemstone jewelry is made with natural stone and simulated stone… but like all things, natural is better. I much prefer “real” materials. I know simulated is much like the natural stones, but there is something about it having been found that makes it feel more special to me. However, depending on budget or who you are shopping for – whatever the circumstance it may be best to find less expensive pieces of jewelry- I will be listing options from the very affordable on up in order to narrow the search for you, making it easier with less shopping around! So, if you are shopping for birthstone jewelry for someone born in August you can buy peridot, spinel or sardonyx, although more commonly purchased is peridot. If peridot jewelry is out of the budget, as it is for some, spinel and sardonyx are beautiful options.

Peridot and history – peridot

Peridot appears in the Bible as chrysolite and was worn by Aaron into battle. Aaron was the brother of Moses. They led the nation of Israel out of slavery in Egypt. Egyptians discovered the stone on an island, Zabargad and were so taken with it they expanded mining. They linked the stone to their mythological goddess, Isis. From there popularity of the peridot spread to Greece and Rome. They believed that the stone kept them from nightmares and jealous thinking. Zabargad, now known as St. John’s island, peridot is still mined though in limited quantity. Peridot is one of the more rare stones.

Today, the peridot is best known as the birthstone for August, along with a host of beliefs of fortune, taming the wild heart of the Leo. It is said to bring good sense, strengthen friendships and promote wealth. Personally, I do not believe any of this, I just think it is a beautiful stone and one that everyone should own, be it your birthstone or just a piece of jewelry you love.

Sardonyx and spinel

sardonyx is alternating layers of sard and onyx, creating a reddish/white stripe stone. Sard, comes from the ancient city Sardis, in what now is Turkey, the first location the stone was found- and onyx, from the Greek word onyx meaning claw or nail.

The parallel, clean lines are definitive of these stone rather than random or chaotic lines found in other stones. Beautiful examples of these stone are found in Brazil, India, Germany, Madagascar, to name a few.

In ancient times these stone was associated with courage and strength as well as protection from evil. Even today some believe that placing sardonyx in specific locations within a home will protect from evil. Sardonyx was a popular stone for signet rings because hot wax will not stick to it.

Spinel is often mistaken for rubies or sapphires. Some of the most famous rubies have turned out to be spinel. Spinel, however has a lower Mohs hardness that both the ruby and sapphire. A good spinel will have little to no visual inclusions. The more inclusions, the less valuable the stone.

Spinel is probably the most under appreciated of stones even though it is mistaken for the sapphire and ruby often. It was also, at one time considered extremely valuable and among the spoils of war passed along by emperors and kings.


never clean your peridot, sardonyx or spinel jewelry with an ultrasonic or a steam cleaner. It is best to use warm water with a little dish soap, using a soft brush. Rinse thoroughly and dry after cleaning.

August birthstone jewelry:

this beautiful peridot tennis bracelet is priced at $239.00


mens peridot ring

This great peridot ring for men is well priced at $53.50


peridot ringthis sweet little sterling silver and peridot stack-able ring not only pretty but extremely budget friendly at only $17.59!


peridot necklace This peridot necklace is a beautiful option at $35.00 is well priced too!



pearl and peridot ringI love this little beauty! This pretty little ring, with peridot and cultured pearls its sure to be loved, and at only $79.00 is also priced well!



peridot jewelry setIf a set is what you are looking for, this is a fantastic option! the necklace and earrings set with sterling silver and peridot is also beautifully priced at only $54.97.


sardonyx wrap bracelet

This is an absolutely beautiful matte black sardonyx wrap bracelet by Chan Luu for $218.00. I love this bracelet!!!!!!


sardonyx pendant

This sardonyx pendant, priced at $126.99 is a statement piece for sure!


sardonyx braceletthis is a beautiful and reasonably priced sardonyx bracelet. The accenting beads are mother-of-pearl and the cost is $22.00



topaz and spinel ringthe accenting stones in this ring are black spinel, so while the main stone is orange topaz, I added this ring because its so darn pretty! and the spinel, technically makes it OK to add. Priced at $38.18 it is also very affordable!

spinel earrings


these simple and beautiful black spinel wire drop earrings are also beautifully priced at $24.53







in conclusion:

I hope some of these items here gave you good direction on what to buy for your favorite August baby! I love peridot and it is my favorite birthstone so it was hard to stop posting photos, so I hope I did not overload you… but finding peridot jewelry was a fun search! Please feel free to leave comments, suggestions and ideas for future posts and have a wonderful day!

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  1. This is a really interesting article. I have to admit that I’ve never been that enamored with peridot as my birthstone but reading the history was interesting and you’ve showcased some lovely pieces of jewellery. I noticed one of the peridot rings contains cultured pearls – what are your thoughts on cultured pearls?

    1. I love peridot! it is a beautiful stone and my favorite color. always wished it was my birthstone LOL – mine is emerald. As far as pearls,I just love pearls….. I have a thing for pretty jewelry and I think most materials are within the realm of loving (except plastic)….

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