Best beautiful, feminine, delicate necklaces at reasonable prices

dainty amazonite necklaceThere is something so pretty about simple, delicate necklaces. There is a time and a place for big beautiful statement pieces as well, but in a time when feminine has lost its meaning, belongs to everyone and nobody all at the same time, having something that is, without a doubt, beautiful feminine jewelry for a woman looking to finish off just the right outfit with just the right delicate necklace. I am a big jewelry collector, as well as a jewelry maker so I love many looks. Through my process of writing about all things art and design, I have found some beautiful delicate necklaces that I believe are share worthy, own worthy and wear-all-the-time worthy!



adjective – 1. Having qualities or appearance associated with women, especially prettiness and delicacy. 2. Of or denoting a gender of nouns and adjectives, female.

Noun – 1. the female sex or gender 2. A feminine word or form

Latin origin: femina, femininus, (late middle English) feminine

obsidian teardrop necklaceDelicate and beautiful

Feminine, meaning delicate or pretty is perfect for the jewelry I want to showcase today. Some of my favorite jewelry is the most delicate, simple, clean-lined pieces. I do not often wear them but for some reason but when I do I always feel great. I love how simply and beautifully they finish an outfit.

Jewelry has been loved almost as long as people have existed

In civilizations past, those who lived on the coast often decorated themselves with shells, fish bones and teeth or colorful pebbles while people living inland used bones from the animals killed for food or antlers and tusks. These items were transformed into elaborate jewelry items to decorate themselves with.

When civilizations began to settle they often congregated in groups along the banks of a river, where they often found gold or precious stones which they began to use to create jewelry. Soon began an era in which they created adornments for the entire body such as crowns and tiaras, ear plugs, armlets, bracelets, rings, belts and breastplates, brooches, combs and hair pins among other items.

Throughout history from Egyptians, Aegean, Phoenicians, Etruscan to Greek and Roman culture all the way through to modern culture, jewelry was an important part of each culture. From found items to gold formed into various jewelry pieces through history and up to modern times jewelry has been worn and loved.


opal necklaceToday, jewelry can be found in gold, silver, copper, brass, stainless steel, wood, stone, beads to plastic and glass. Almost any material that can be made into jewelry, has been made into jewelry. It is enjoyed by children all the way through life to adulthood… jewelry worn speaks of what we love as well as who we are. It also separates classes with the expensive (or not so much) jewels we adorn ourselves with but unites us at the same time as we all, poor to rich love to adorn ourselves with jewels just as humanity has throughout history

Best delicate necklaces

I found some fantastic necklaces that are delicate, feminine and many are affordable as well.


aquamarine necklace

This raw aquamarine necklace with wire wrap is stunning! This is an absolute beauty and well worth $59.95.




moonstone necklace


My favorite option at $38.00 and I love it! it is feminine and the stone is just beautiful. This is not just a necklace you could wear daily, but wear and look amazing in daily!




feminine monogram necklace

this necklace is very affordable at only $22.00. It is feminine and delicate and is personal. I don’t always love monogram necklaces, but this one is subtle and so pretty! This is one I would wear often!




monogram necklace

this is another monogram necklace but with the added detail of a sweet little asymmetrical design element – a turquoise stone set on one side of the chain. It is a small detail, but beautiful. This pretty necklace sells for $27.00



feminine necklace


At only $10.99, this may not be the prize of the jewelry collection, not the most expensive but we all need some really pretty affordable pieces that work with many things. I am not big on “cheap” jewelry, unless it looks great and does not look cheap. This necklace is pretty, simple and worth the small amount to buy it.


lotus flower necklace


I love this simple, pretty lotus flower necklace. It too, simple and pretty – delicate and feminine and priced at $28.99 is a beautiful option for a feminine, dainty necklace.


minimalist necklace

This necklace is a simple curved bar. The cost is only $21.00, which makes it affordable as well as beautiful.




silver necklace


This is a beautiful Silpada necklace – sterling silver asymmetrical design that is just gorgeous for only $19.00




delicate necklace


I love this pretty double layer necklace – two beautiful silver chains, delicate and pretty. This necklace is only $28.00





feminine necklace

this is a great necklace – $35.00 and it is beautiful and feminine. I love this becuase whether you wear silver or gold this would look great because it has both!




any comments, questions or suggestions for another style of jewelry you would like to see are welcome. Jewelry is wearable art and we love to share the things we find…. as much as we love to know what styles you love and would like to see more of. thank you and have a blessed day!











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