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engagement ringThe trends are always changing and what is popular now is not what was popular a few years ago and won’t be considered the best wedding rings in a few years from now? So what do you look for in a wedding set for either the man or woman? Men tend to be easier as most just want something simple, but the woman is not only more difficult to shop for but there are so many options how do you narrow it down? I mean, this is for a lifetime so you want it to be right…. right?!? I found a site with many beautiful options to choose from.Beverly Diamonds”  They have a great selection to choose from and is well worth spending some time looking here! My goal is to help you find a beautiful, long-lasting quality wedding set. For some less expensive options I have other rings listed from other sellers. My goal is to not only help you find jewelry you will love, but if on a budget like most ofwedding set us are, an option that will be affordable as well. Please check out all the options I have listed as there are many starting as low as a couple hundred dollars!

Keep it simple engagement ringaffordable wedding set

Trends come and go, but this ring is what she will be wearing the rest of her life so my strong recommendation is keep it classic or simple modern.

Classic never goes out of style…. When my ring was purchased marquis cut wedding ringwe got a blend of classic and personal meaning… the engagement ring is a beautiful, round solitaire diamond… simple, classic and pretty no matter what is or is not popular. The wedding band was custom-made by our local custom wedding set jeweler to be a simple representation of branches (my husband and his family own and run a hard cider brewery) so that the wedding ring is personal to us as well as a classic look that is not trendy so will never go out of style.

Modern is great. There is a simplicity to the minimalist, modern look that is beautiful. It is a very different look from the classic look of rings past – and I love the antique rings! but…. clean modern rings, besides the older, classic styles are a look I highly wedding setrecommend as they are so clean lined and simple that they won’t look dated, likely for a very long time, if ever.




cushion cut engagement ringDiamond shapes

there are many diamond shapes and you can have most put in a ring that is black diamond wedding setclassic, beautiful and will last a lifetime!

Round – Princess – Pear – Cushion – Heart – Asscher – Oval – Emerald – Marquise – Radiant – Trilliant – Briolette – Baguette – Tapered Baguette – Oval

There are so many to choose from – Find out what her favorite shape is. For me the classic Round or Princess cut – simple and pretty. Whatever she likes you should be able to find something classic and beautiful that she will love!

Gold or….

Yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, platinum….. there are so many to choose from. They are all beautiful…. I would look at her other jewelry. Does she wear a lot of rose gold? that may be the best option. Yellow gold? Also, a great choice. White gold or platinum? What is the difference anyway? Well, white gold is plated so over time will begin to tarnish and look a little yellow. It can be taken to a jeweler and re-plated. It will look good as new once you have that done. Platinum is naturally white/silver tone anyway so you will not have to worry about plating. Either is a great option. My wedding set is white gold and I love it, so find out what she likes, set a budget and find something that fits into that. There are many options out there so you are sure to find something fantastic. (I have some images below of different sets I found and love. If you want to see more just leave a comment and I will be glad to add more!)


For future reference…. cleaning is done by soaking the ring in warm, almost hot water and mild dish soap for about 30 minutes and then gently brushing with a soft toothbrush. Rinse the ring with warm water and repeat if necessary. This process should be done every couple weeks or once a month, minimum.

I take mine to the jeweler a couple times a year and he cleans it for me free of charge (not sure if they all do that or mine is just especially wonderful) but…. when he cleans it he also looks at the prongs to make sure they are all good so I don’t lose my diamond.

Another thing to look for….

There are a lot of rings now that have diamonds all the way around the band or partially around the band – they are super uncomfortable (or at least every single one I have ever tried was anyway). It is not a bad idea to take her shopping to try on rings – because if it has diamonds all the way around she may not like the way it feels. She will be wearing this ring for the rest of her life so it’s a good idea to make sure she likes the way it feels on her finger. If you plan to surprise her choose something that is narrow – does not stick out a lot because, like most of us, she will probably do more than sit around all day – if you move or work at all a ring that is too bulky will get in the way. If she really loves the look of diamonds around the entire band I recommend smaller diamonds. I have seen some that are bigger and bulkier, not comfortable at all. In fact, I have a friend who is our local jeweler and I went in to try on rings for the purpose of finding great sets and knowing what I would be talking about for my readers – and by far these bands were the most uncomfortable!

Here are some classic rings (and some clean modern sets) that will be comfortable to wear and look beautiful for years!

engagement rings:

diamond engagement ring

engagement ring Beverly Diamonds”  has a lot to choose from – I only posted photos of a few that I really liked. The links attached to these images will take you to a page with several options that are well worth the look! The white gold is my personal favorite, but I recommend finding out what her favorite is or simply looking in the rest of her jewelry is a good clue to what she likes if you are planning to surprise her! If you plan to buy the entire wedding set rather than just the engagement ring here are some good options:

Wedding sets:

wedding set

This beautiful round cut halo ring set starts around $2000.00. Although this set has diamonds all the way around the band it is a beautiful option and like I noted earlier in this article the band is small enough that it does look like it would be more comfortable than a bulky band with larger diamonds. It is available in white, yellow or rose gold.



gold and diamond wedding setI love this option as well. It is clean and simple. It has a little more modern look – the nice thing about modern is the simple clean lines that tend to be always in style. They will look great with any other jewelry and again, come in yellow, rose or white gold.





princess cut wedding set

This style is usually a little more busy than the simple, classic look I recommend…. but I had to add this because it reminds me so much of the ring my grandmother wore. She was amazing and anything that reminds me of her is my favorite… so here it is. Her center stone was smaller but it was surrounded with smaller stones like this and I love it. I love the simple band with the center stone a complete contrast with all that gorgeous sparkle! This set starts around $2000.00, and like the others comes in yellow and rose gold as well as white.




There are so many options – diamond shapes and colors, designs and metals. It can be overwhelming to narrow it down to one ring that is just right! I hope I have listed some options and ideas that are helpful to you. Remember if you are surprising her to take a look in her jewelry or simply pay attention to what she wears often and it will give you a great idea of what to buy for her. If you are shopping for rings together that is great too as there will be no question of what she likes…. There is just so much out there but I really do recommend either a simple modern or classic look so the ring will look great for many, many years to come! If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask or if you have any specific ring styles you would like to see please let me know. I also have a great local jeweler, honest and very good at his trade if you prefer a more custom look and would love the chance to help you find a ring that is just right for you and your sweetheart!



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