Buy jewelry for children, a special gift forever treasured

My daughter has a bracelet and she wears it every day… she feels like a princess and truth be told, every little girl shouldjewelry for children feel like a princess. This year for her birthday I plan to get her something special, some birthstone jewelry so it feels even more like it is just for her. I remember having a pretty little birthstone ring when I was younger. My dad got it for me and I still have it, still remember when I opened it that Christmas morning…. My point is this: it is special and your little girls will remember it. Get them something special and they will always have it!

simple, for every day….

necklace for childrenJewelry for children is special but can be for every day as well. For my daughter I have elastic cord and plastic beads so she can make as many stretch necklaces or bracelets she wants to make. The jewelry she makes for herself is special because, well, she is three and making it herself. She also makes jewelry for her friends and they love it, as most little handmade jewelry for childrengirls do. My daughter is very girly and not girly so it is comical to see her dressed up in her princess dress with all her jewelry and her plastic clip-clop shoes on as she busts through the sprinklers or mud puddles on her bike… so whether the jewelry is for a girly girl or one that is a bit of a tomboy, she will love it. My little girl loves it no matte which mode she is in! Although inexpensive, these plastic beauties are special because they are made at home! Not every piece of jewelry for children that is special has to cost a lot…. This is one of them. It may not last a lifetime, but she will feel like a princess and that is all that matters!

I also make these leather bracelets with a charm. They are inexpensive at $10 each and are an everyday piece of jewelry that your child will love to wear….

The special stuff

My daughter wears her special bracelet 24 hours a day. The only time she takes her bracelet off is when it breaks…. which has happened twice – and that was because she is not very gentle (she has a couple brothers, so its no wonder she is a little tough LOL). I do not recommend that you let your kids wear it 24 hours though as that is likely the real reason her bracelet has broken at all. I let her wear it so often because I made it and know how to fix it. If you don’t know how to fix it then it can be frustrating getting that taken care of. That said, it also makes it special as she gets older knowing I will have this beautifully worn piece of brass and stone jewelry that my little girl wore all the time…. makes it extra special to me. But, like the ring pictured above that I got when I was little and still have 30 plus years later there are some pieces of jewelry that are saved for a lifetime and just as special to the giver as it is the receiver. The bracelet my daughter wears is one I made and I do sell these for $25 each. They are brass or stainless – each with a different stone. They can have a birthstone bead but most of these do not – just a pretty bead, in my daughter’s case a stone she picked out because it is pink!children's jewelry
jewelry for childrenjewelry for children




handmade bracelets to wear and enjoy. My daughter loves hers!!!!!!


Birthstone jewelry for children

That is always special. Not only do they feel like princesses when wearing it, and like I said before, every girl should be made to feel like a princess… special and beautiful! Below is a list of the birthstones so you know what you are looking for then I will list some great birthstone jewelry for children that I found online

January – garnet February – amethyst March – aquamarine April – diamond May – emerald June – pearl, alexandrite, moonstone July – ruby August – peridot, sardonyx September – sapphire October – tourmaline, opal November – topaz, citrine December – tanzanite, turquoise, topaz, zircon

shopping for children’s jewelry

all the options I have listed are between about $10 and $20 – I understand budgets and that it is hard to spend a bunch of money on jewelry for children – but these are good choices for both the DIY jewelry maker or the buyer of jewelry. Either way, check these things out:

plastic beads

many color options and convenient storage make these beads a great choice for the DIY jewelry for children maker. Easy for your child to use as well.

elastic jewelry thread

This thread is a good option. Thin and stretchy, it will work for any bracelet or necklace project!

birthstone jewelry for children


this charm necklace is fun! It comes in options for every month and is a fun piece to wear with just about everything – and will make your little girl feel like a modern day princess. Each month is on a charm along with a heart and a simulated stone. The nice thing about this is that it will appeal to them when they are young, but it is not something they will be embarrassed to wear as they get older. jewelry for children




birthstone necklace by childrenThis is a sweet option if you have a child that wants to give a gift to mom… the birthstones float inside this locket and it can have the entire family’s birthstones included. A nice gift from children to mom for under $20

granddaughter bracelet
great gift from a grandma to her granddaughter. I treasure every special thing from my Grammy, this beautiful bracelet comes in a variety of colors and is a sweet little treasure for a little princess!
jewelry box for children


speaking of grandmas… This is the one piece I am including that is more than $20. It is $36.99, but I could not resist because when I was a little girl, about 5 years old my Grammy got me a ballerina jewelry box similar to this and I loved it for many years. Mine unfortunately got lost in a fire. My little brother burned our garage down when he was little (yes, he was full of mischief)… he sneaked in to play with matches and was lucky to get out alive…. that said, my jewelry box is no more from that day – but I have memories of my jewelry and treasures it held! It was a special gift!


here is a jewelry box I found for under $20…………………. jewelry box for children










Below is a bracelet that truly is a great reminder…. there are a lot of people and situations that can bring us down in this life. The longer we live the more we realize that. I have been through people who have tried to “dull my sparkle” but this sweet bracelet is a great reminder to that little girl in your life to keep the beauty within even when all around her is telling her otherwise…..

jewelry for children

2 thoughts on “Buy jewelry for children, a special gift forever treasured

  1. Hi, I have 4 children, all boys and even though they are not into jewelry My 2nd eldest son who is 11 has been asking if he can have this silver chain that he has been eyeing up in our local jewelers.
    The problem is that he is a proper boy, always climbing trees and getting stinking dirty and I would be worried that he is going to lose it or break it.
    I wouldn’t worry so much if it was something cheap but this would cost me half a weeks wages.
    What would you do if you were in the same situation?
    Thanks if you can help 🙂

    1. Hi Matthew – Well, I have two boys who are very much boys – so I completely understand. A proper boy is the best and I love every dirty, messy moment of mine! If it were me I would do one of two things: 1. I might ask him to find a similar chain that is less expensive and give him a time to show he can be responsible with it. If he takes good care of it I would then reward his responsibility with the more expensive one to show him the value in taking care of things and the rewards that come with being responsible… or 2. I would get it and then tell him it is for special occasions only. My boys are not into jewelry either, but do have special things for special occasions. It sounds like you have an awesome teaching moment to me! Keep me posted. I would love to know how he does with a special new chain! Every boy needs something to be responsible for!

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