Celebrate May birthdays with beautiful Emerald jewelry.

Genuine emerald jewelry… love it! Funny thing is I have never bought May birthstone jewelry even though my birthday is in May………no, I have no idea why. But I realized that if I buy birthstone jewelry for every month I have a new way to collect and wear jewelry – I love jewelry and this is another excuse to find great pieces of jewelry….. not that my husband wants me to have another reason to buy yet another bracelet…. but I cant help it – so this article is dedicated to celebrating the emerald, the stone for May…. look for all other months to be celebrated soon as well 🙂


Dictionary: em·er·ald (ˈem(ə)rəld)

noun 1.
a bright green precious stone consisting of a chromium-rich variety of beryl. 2.
a bright green color like that of an emerald.
“The leaves are emerald green

adjective 1.
Bright green in color.
“Beyond the airport lay emerald hills”

Smith’s Bible Dictionary

Emerald: a precious stone of a rich green color, upon which its value chiefly depends. This gem was the first in the second row on the breastplate of the high priest. (Exodus 28:18; 39:11) It was imported to Tyre from Syria, (Ezekiel 27:16) was used as a seal or signet, Eccl. 32:6, as an ornament of clothing and bedding, (Ezekiel 28:13; Judges 10:21) and is spoken of as one of the foundations of Jerusalem. (Revelation 21:19) To. 13:16. The rainbow around the throne is compared to emerald in (Revelation 4:3)

The ancient world mined for emeralds in Egypt – imported to Tyre from Syria. The most famous mines in the modern world  are the Colombian mines. They are also found throughout the world in places like Brazil, Zambia, Russia and in The USA. The highest quality however are from the Colombian mines –

Wherever they come from I am glad for they are a beautiful stone that I would like to own much, much more of….(green is one of my favorite colors so of course I think they are beautiful). The value is based on an eye test unlike a diamond which is viewed under a loupe. If there are no visible inclusions as seen by the naked eye it is considered flawless because there are always inclusions in an emerald. If you find one with no inclusions it is likely to be synthetic. Also, they are always green but the deeper the green color is the more valuable the stone. The emerald is part of the beryl family. The lightest green stones are called beryl (and should not be called emerald) while the darker is emerald.


Emeralds are not as hard as a diamond. It is not recommended that you use chemicals or ultrasound to clean an emerald. Use warm water and use a soft cloth. You can also use a soft toothbrush gently in a bowl with lukewarm water and dry with a microfiber towel, but If you are in doubt as to how to take care of it take it to your local jeweler for cleaning. It is recommended that you have it cleaned a couple times a year……

Must have emerald jewelry.

Now that we know where it comes from, how to clean and how not to clean…. The best part for us jewelry lovers is this: where we can get our own!!! I have found some of both natural and synthetic emerald jewelry so depending on your preference, here is some of both.

Natural emerald jewelry –

natural emerald ring
as natural as it gets… This is in as close to its natural state as possible, raw and uncut. This ring is beautiful and unique. The price is reasonable too if you are looking to buy an emerald and on a budget. At only $24.97 it is a nice gift that won’t cost you much….



emerald necklace
I do love emeralds and this is so pretty. It has that beautiful color and shape and …. wow, pretty necklace…want this!




natural emerald bracelet
natural emerald beads, pretty bracelet! another nice piece for a budget friendly gift that shows thought for those may birthdays!

emerald earrings
emerald earrings? cushion cut? yes, please.



emerald ring



Sterling silver and emerald ring…. love!




emerald bracelet
beautiful emerald bangle bracelet.


Synthetic, or “created” emeralds…


emerald ring
Art deco style emerald ring




emerald ring
pretty, created emerald and diamond infinity ring.




emerald necklace
Created emerald, cushion cut necklace. So pretty.





emerald necklace
I really just love the shape of this necklace. It is simple and pretty but unique. Really love this!






emerald bracelet

nice little emerald bracelet for under $100. Good if you are on a budget and want beautiful!!!!!!!


emerald bracelet
created emerald and yellow gold bracelet… So pretty!


emerald earrings


created emerald earrings. These are available in yellow or white gold and also in a variety of stones – all of which were pretty! Emerald is one of my favorites though, maybe because I am a May baby??? 🙂





no matter what you are looking for to surprise your May baby you can find it here. There is a great selection and what I like… I don’t have to go out to deal with crowds, parking and waiting in line to shop. It seems there is a lot of busy in this world we live in and I am no exception – I love being able to just look online and find what I need and have it delivered right to my door! Please leave comments below and have a wonderful day!





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