Jewelry lover? Looking to buy jewelry? here are some great finds!

I keep finding sterling silver jewelry… lots of it – too much for one post, so I am thinking about spreading it out into several posts over the coming weeks. I love jewelry in general and love to buy sterling silver (or any great jewelry) and especially love jewelry since I began making it. I see it differently now and appreciate it more for some reason. I don’t have a long post today, but wanted to share some of my finds. I love finding good jewelry and sharing it with others. Before kids, I had a network of friends and shopping buddies. Now, with three kids and being home full time I don’t have many opportunities to wear it or anyone to share it with… so here I am, still enjoying it but now I have all the internet world to share all the great stuff I am finding! I welcome comments and if you find jewelry that is post worthy please send me there so I can look it up and share it here on By Pink Thistle! click on the photos to buy these amazing pieces of jewelry!

two tone ringI love unique, fun pieces that maybe don’t get worn daily but just make an outfit fantastic! this ring is different and fun!
two tone bracelet
I really like this series! I love the mixed metals so it works well with those who wear gold or silver… its fun and different. The bracelet is great because of its simplicity and would go great with many outfits!


faceted stud earringsthese are so pretty! had to include them!




two tone ringfrom the same two-tone series, still a statement but a little more safe if really bold is not your thing… so pretty!


statement necklace
Oh me oh my! I love this piece! This is the necklace that would work with maybe 3 or 4 of the outfits in my closet but might just be a must have for me! I love statement jewelry….. love this necklace!

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    1. any day is a good day to start wearing more jewelry! I have a daughter who just got her ears pierced – and then found out that I have not worn earrings in a long time (since my oldest was a baby)….. been wearing earrings every day since! thanks for reading and I am glad you enjoyed the article!

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