July birthstone jewelry

Rubies… who does not love them? I love the July birthstone so I took some time to simplify the process of looking for some july birthstonegreat birthstone jewelry for those born in July. Rubies are available as natural stone jewelry and simulated. I prefer the natural stone jewelry so most of what I post will be natural, but since a natural stone may not be the best option, like when you are shopping for young children, I will be showing you some simulated stones that are beautiful and reasonably priced.

ruby necklaceA little bit about rubies

A ruby is a variety of the mineral corundum (aluminum oxide). (Other varieties of gem quality corundum are sapphires).

Ruby is a pink to blood-red gemstone. The word ruby comes from the Latin word for red which is ruber or rubeus.

unique ruby earringsRubies are recorded as early as 200 B.C. being traded on the Northern Silk Road in China and are referenced numerous times throughout the Bible. The ruby was one of the stones in the high priest’s breastplate (Exodus 28:17).These verses compare the value of wisdom to rubies (Job 28:18, Proverbs 3:15 and Proverbs 8:11). The price of a virtuous woman is far above rubies (Proverbs 31:10).

Care: cleaning and storageruby earrings

Rubies are hard and foreign matter can accumulate making the stone cloudy. To eliminate the dullness you clean the stone with a mixture of dish soap and warm water, using a soft toothbrush to gently scrub. I recommend taking your stone to a jeweler for professional cleaning every so often because there you can also have them check the prongs to make sure nothing is loose.

DIY jewelry repair is never a good idea as you can do damage to your jewelry that is beyond repair. Leave that job to the professionals please!

Avoid storing your ruby jewelry in a box with other gemstones because the softer stones can get scratched. Store your ruby flat and not piled up with  other stones.

ruby braceletNatural vs. simulated

natural stones are formed over time, they require no treatment other than cut and polish. The real gemstones are higher cost and the look varies because of inclusions and imperfections

Lab created stones are made in very controlled and monitored conditions. The process is started with a “seed” from a natural ruby. There are no inclusions or imperfections in lab created stones but otherwise the same chemical, physical and optical characteristics as natural rubies.ruby bracelet

To me, there is nothing like natural. Not just stones, but people and everything else. Man made is not bad, but we are fearfully and wonderfully made – God created us beautifully, imperfections and all….. stones that are imperfect and have character…. one of a kind makes it more special than lab created or enhanced anything! Sometimes, for financial reasons or depending on who the jewelry is for, lab created is not bad – but whenever possible, I certainly recommend natural stones. They are ruby necklacemuch more special!

to sum it up…

Whether lab created or natural, rubies are just plain pretty! I believe natural stones are much more special and have potential to be family heirlooms, enjoyed for generations to come. I found some beautiful jewelry that I believe is worth sharing…. options from the purchase for someone who owns nothing but needs that one special piece of jewelry to someone who just loves to collect jewelry and can afford a high end piece of jewelry. I believe everyone should have at least one piece of very special jewelry!

natural ruby earrings ruby necklace

ruby earrings ruby jewelryinexpensive ruby ring ruby bracelet ruby bead earrings

red is one of my favorite colors so please forgive me for putting so many photos in this article…. I have a hard time narrowing it down with a couple of my favorites…. ruby being one of those! I did eliminate the DIY jewelry supplies, and I found lots of that as well…. I will save that for another article, but for now, I hope you enjoy the ruby treasures as much as I enjoyed finding them!

ruby jewelry ruby ring for men

ruby ring ruby earrings

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