June Birthstone Jewelry

Well, how lucky are you June babies? You get your choice of three birthstones for your month. Pearl, Alexandrite or the beautiful moonstone! All of which are gorgeous. I love pearls and moonstones but do not even own any alexandrite jewelry. I think I might have to change that. For now though, if you are interested in June birthstone jewelry here is what I found…

June birthstone definitions:


 – a pearly white semiprecious stone consisting of alkali feldspar.

Al·ex·an·drite                                                                                                                                                                   noun – a gem variety of chrysoberyl that appears green in daylight and red in artificial ligh

Pearl                                                                                                                                                                                       noun – A hard, lustrous spherical mass, typically white or bluish-gray, formed within the shell of a pearl oyster or other bivalve mollusk and highly prized as a gem.

  • An artificial imitation of this.
  • A necklace of pearls.
  • Something resembling a pearl in appearance.
    “The sweat stood in pearls along his forehead”
  • short for mother-of-pearl.
  • A very pale bluish gray or white like the color of a pearl.


  1. 2.
    A precious thing; the finest example of something.
    “The nation’s media were assembled to hear his pearls of wisdom


verb: pearl; 3rd person present: pearls; past tense: pearled; past participle: pearled; gerund or present participle: pearling; noun: pearling

  1. 1.
    form pearl like drops.
    “The juice on the blade pearled into droplets”

    • make bluish-gray like a pearl.
      “The peaked hills, blue and pearled with clouds”
  2. 2.
    Dive or fish for pearl oysters.


Looking to buy pearl jewelry?

I did an article on pearl jewelry not long ago, here is the link, if you are looking to buy pearl jewelry here is the link:Pearls

Here are some other pieces of pearl jewelry that I really liked –

pearl earrings

simple, delicate and feminine pearl stud earrings. Cant go wrong with these beauties!


june birthstone necklace


I love the simple and clean look of this teardrop shaped pearl necklace.



Want to buy moonstone jewelry?

moonstone earrings


I love having jewelry I can wear with almost anything – these are those earrings. Simple but pretty. I love moonstones and these earrings are affordable and would make a nice addition to any jewelry collection.


moonstone bracelet

moonstone earringsRainbow moonstone earrings – I love these! They have to be some of the prettiest little stud earrings – they are small, bu the color of the stone and the diamond halo surrounding is just stunning!

the moonstone bracelet to the right is a great option as well. If you are on a budget this bracelet is under $30!

moonstone necklaceNot only is this necklace just fantastic but it is priced reasonably at just under $40. It is simple but unique, making a thoughtful gift that will be treasured for a very long time!


Below is another pretty moonstone necklace. This piece of jewelry is a great one for layering, and would work well with many outfits.june birthstone necklace

Natural Alexandrite jewelry:

alexandrite ring

wow…. I mean, not that I need to say more about this alexandrite ring – but you sure would not have to twist my arm to wear this princess worthy ring!




alexandrite earrings


alexandrite earrings – I love this stone – the variety of color is fantastic – there are so many beautiful pieces. You can buy lab created stones for a little less, but there is nothing like natural stone – there are things that are human/lab reproduced that are OK and great options for shopping on a budget, but nobody can reproduce a natural stone this way!!! they are gorgeous!

alexandrite necklace



I love this alexandrite necklace… it is not “budget” friendly but I thought it was so beautiful I had to share. If you can afford this beauty it will be treasured for many years, without doubt!




Below I have pasted some images of natural and simulated alexandrite. All are under $50 for a budget friendly gift for your June baby!

alexandrite jewelry alexandrite jewelry alexandrite jewelry alexandrite jewelry

June babies worth celebrating!

all of them need to be celebrated and I hope I have given you some choices you are happy with. Not only do they have three birthstones to choose from but within that there is natural vs. simulated and prices range from a few dollars up to several thousand so there are so many choices! I always recommend natural over lab created because to me there is something just so much more special about natural stones – I hope you enjoyed this article. Below is a little information on cleaning and caring for your June birthstone jewelry, I hope it is helpful to you. Please remember to leave a comment or question below! thank you and have a blessed day!


Pearl jewelry – I have read that you should wipe your pearls after each wear to keep buildup from happening (oils or dust). I am not that good, I guess from what I have read I am not the best jewelry owner because I certainly do not clean my pearls with each wear… maybe they mean those of us who do not have kids…. anyway, when you do clean it a soft cloth dampened with lukewarm water and mild dish soap is what you need, especially if there are any visible stains. Do not submerge in the water, only wipe the pearls and be sure they are dry before storing them again.

Moonstone jewelry – do not use ultrasonic cleaners. For your moonstones what you need is warm soapy water (dish soap or non-acid based jewelry cleaner. Soak your moonstone for a few minutes, gently remove and use a soft cloth to dry it.

Alexandrite jewelry – Alexandrite is a tough stone, with a hardness of 8.5 it is durable… that said it is not a good idea to go out and do the heavy-duty work under the hood of your car, but still the stone is hard and sturdy – can still shatter but if you are looking for a durable stone for someone who maybe needs a stone that is not as delicate as a pearl but just as pretty. This stone can be taken to your jeweler for an ultrasonic or steam bath but also comes clean with warm water with dish soap and dried with a soft cloth.

As with all jewelry, it can all scratch so is not a good idea to store in a tangled mess with other jewelry but neatly. Stones can scratch each other as well as the metal can be ruined. Take care of your jewelry and it will be beautiful for years to come.





6 thoughts on “June Birthstone Jewelry

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for this very interesting article.

    I was not born in June, but I like pearls. They look so pure and demure. They can be worn for everyday use as well as on special occasions.

    Small ones for daily use and bigger ones for special events.

    They come in different colors as well, so you can match with any color of your dress. My favorite is white and it could be paired with any color of your outfit.

    God bless,

    1. thank you for taking time to visit our site. I was not born in June either but I have always loved pearl and moonstone – writing that article got me excited to write about each month – check back soon and have a wonderful day!

  2. Thank you for sharing this beautiful page! It’s clean and easy to navigate. The colors are bright, the pictures match the content. The theme works well with what you have.

    Personally, I wouldn’t change anything as it is very well done.

    1. thank you for visiting my website! I am loving the chance to take my life work of creating art and my love for design and write about it. I am thoroughly enjoying this process! keep checking back as I am writing articles several times weekly! have a blessed day!

  3. I understand Alexandrite is a variety of Chrysoberyl. The colors range from yellow to green. Alexandrite is the green variety, like emeralds. But, I love pearls. My wife collects jewelry, so I know quite a bit. Did you know pearl divers could stay underwater for as long as five minutes?There are also cultured pearls. What i know about natural pearls is that sand gets inside the bivalves and agitates the flesh of the mollusks causing it to secrete saliva to coat the foreign matter to reduce friction. As time passes the saliva thickens and hardens. And, voila you have a pearl. Nice post. How about posting something about Garnet. It’s my birthstone. Be hearing from you.

    1. Hello and thank you for visiting my site and reading my article. Yes, I love how natural pearls are made – it amazes me how something irritating can be made into something so beautiful! kind of a good thought to apply to life in general… when something irritating or frustrating in our lives can be used down the road to make something wonderful!

      I am working on a series of articles, one for each birthstone. I started the article in May right after I had my birthday (what gave me the idea) – so please check back. I love garnets…. actually, really love all of the stones. I make jewelry and love it! I love learning so much about the stones, where they come from, how they are made and why they have the colors they do. it is fascinating really. I have never been much on the cultured/simulated stones, but it is still interesting to me that anyone can recreate any of it and get even a little close to the natural stone.

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