Mixed Metal Jewelry…something for just about everyone!

There is so much to love about mixing metals. It used to be a person will only wear gold or only silver… but mixing metals allows you to introduce something new without losing the rest of the jewelry in your collection.

But I only wear silver.

That used to be me. I was certain that the only jewelry that looked good on me was silver. That was it. I wore nothing else. My wedding ring is white gold and most of the jewelry I own is silver. When I began making jewelry I began creating with stainless steel, copper and brass. After a while I realized that there was some gold tones I loved, some I did not but I learned that mixing the metals allowed me to experiment a little with something other than silver. I learned that I actually love mixed metal jewelry and done well it looked just as good as the silver, gave me more options and some of my silver necklaces worked beautifully with a mixed metal bracelet or mixed metal earrings etc. I have done some research to find some mixed metal pieces I really like – not just because they would look great with the jewelry I make but would look great on anyone regardless of what color jewelry is your go to color.

mixed metal earrings
I love the organic shape of these earrings and especially love the mix of gold, copper and silver tones. No matter the color jewelry you prefer these earrings will work with that. The price is also very reasonable at just under $25. I will be ordering mine today!

mixed metal bracelet
OH MY GOODNESS! I love this bracelet! with jeans and a t shirt (or anything really) – and I love that it works well with silver, gold or copper earrings and/or necklace. I would wear with the earrings here as well… I just love this piece! I make jewelry and I can say, given I know the work that goes into making items and selling them that $48 is a reasonable price for a great bracelet like this!

mixed metal necklacelove this necklace! like the mixed metal bracelet and earrings, this has the beautiful mixture of gold, silver and copper tones – what I love about this look, as I have said and may say again (because it is worth saying) – no matter your usual color tone in jewelry this will work with it and it is a great way to break away and try something new while keeping an element of the color tone you are used to. This necklace is simple, beautiful, feminine without being too fussy – this will be your new go-to piece because it will look great with everything….

Mixed metal jewelry, love it!

I am always on the hunt for new and fun pieces, so why not share what I find?! I will be looking for pieces with a similar theme each week, maybe a couple per week – but whether or not they go together for the same outfit I am going to feature a necklace, earrings and bracelet with same theme. This week, mixed metals because I LOVE mixing metals in my own work. Researching to see what is out there is just plain fun so if you have anything art, jewelry or home design related that you would like Pink Thistle to find let us know! we love to find good deals or things that we just love and want to share! happy shopping and don’t forget to comment below!





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