Pop Art, everyday images turned fine art.

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I love art. All forms…almost. One of the best seasons of life, besides now raising my family, was art college. I loved learning about different styles and movements. Whether I loved the art or not, wanted to incorporate it into my home or not, it all fascinated me. One of my instructors said to us in class one day “all great artists stand on the shoulders of the great artists before them”. That is true of not just art but all humanity. If we strive to be great it is likely because we had someone great in our life and we then will inspire someone who comes after us. As an artist, even if I don’t incorporate some of the style of a particular movement into my own work I believe it is important to learn about it. Likewise, if you want to have art in your home it is nice to know where the movement came from and/or why. Maybe it will influence your decision to buy and maybe not, but it, if nothing else, is fun to learn…. today’s art: Pop art.pop art print

Where, Why, What???

The pop art movement began post World War 2 in the United States and Great Britain. You can read about the differences in how the movement developed between The US and Great Britain on Wikipedia, I am just going to give a brief overview of it.

The Pop art movement began with artists such as Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg, Jasper Johns, James Rosenquist, Roy Lichtenstein,Ed Ruscha and Claes Oldenburg. The Pop Art movement began in the mid 1950s and was popular until the 1970’s (and still kinda wonderful now… just sayin). It changed the fine art world permanently by blurring the lines between the traditional fine art look of painterly lines and “high” subjects such as mythology, history and themes of morality and religion with hard-edged clean lines, hot color contrasts and the pop artsubjects of mundane, commercial and mass media objects of “low” every day life of common people. Pop art is one of the more recognizable forms of modern art likely because of its use of highly recognized images of everyday life from commercial images to comic book images that elevated the place of the mundane into the celebrated images that we all recognize.

Pop artists believe in the inter connection of everything and recognized that there was no such thing as unmediated access to anything from the natural world to the man made environments. They reacted to that belief by using the highly recognized, mass-produced images and creating art pieces from them. Many pop artists got their start in commercial art. Andy Warhol got his start as a successful magazine illustrator and Ed Ruscha was a graphic designer. This explains how they were so seamlessly able to merge the techniques of a commercial artist with the visual language used by the fine artist to create an entirely new look that would change the art world forever! pop art

It is unsure whether the expression was an acceptance of the industrial nature of society in the prosperous post WWII culture or the rejection of it, that is a highly debated subject. That, to me is not as relevant as the fact that in either case, it was a strong reaction that led to an art movement that had a huge impact on not only the art world but society in general. Whether embracing the manufacturing explosion or rejecting it, the creation of art as commodity introduced art to the average person in a way it had not yet done and changed the way art is seen and bought to this day.

Whether you are interested in creating a minimalist, modern look with just a pop of color offered by this art style or creating a colorful room based on the same art or…wherever you put it you are sure to make a statement! You can find these in poster form both on paper and canvas and use that to create a fun or modern look in your space without breaking the bank (unless you are in the market for original pieces by the movement founders)…


Pop Art love!

Even if you do not want to purchase prints to hang on your wall you can still enjoy this fantastic and colorful art movement in books… which there are many. I have found some great pop art products available, prints, books, clothing, and even mugs…. and, well you can’t really have a pop art article without adding the everyday objects in. just can’t do it….

chihuahua pop art mugpop art mug

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pop art productspop art pants…. how fun! pop art mens t shirt


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 pop art t shirt? I mean, don’t we all need one?!?! yes….

Pop art books…….

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Pop art fun…

Whether you want this art in your home or not its undeniable how fun this intensely colorful art is to look at! I would love comments on this article as well as art styles/movements you would like Pink Thistle to write about! Have a wonderful day!

pop art print

6 thoughts on “Pop Art, everyday images turned fine art.

  1. Really interesting page … I love the graphic of New York City abstracted from streets and districts. Almost has a Mondrianesque feeling to it! I’m dating myself by admitting this, but when in college in the late 1960’s I went to a show that featured a lot of Warhol’s work … I remember the Campbell’s Soup can piece. It still amazes me that such a simple, yet iconic, graphic can make such a statement about American culture by repeating it over and over again. Fun reading and I enjoyed learning about Pop Art!

    1. it was a fun piece to write – what I love about art and studying different movements is how the artists reacted to their surroundings and even better how it materialized in their artwork. a post world war industrialization must have been a huge change from what it had once been – actually a world I wish I knew. seems as though it may have been quieter and not so fast paced. anyway, so glad you enjoyed my article and thank you for visiting my site – again! Keep checking back as I will keep creating new articles with different styles of art and jewelry!

  2. Fantastic article! I’ve always been a fan of pop art with the bold colors and statements. I would love to convert our basement with a good splash of pop art. Are there any other options available for converting a whole room like our basement with a pop art theme? Do you know of any pop art wallpaper or murals?
    Thanks again for sharing look forward to your advice.

    1. Thank you! I love art and do really love pop art. I love studying about art movements as a reaction to how the artist views the world changes around them and pop art is just fantastic. There are tons of pop art items to be had, wall stickers, wallpaper, rugs, pillows….the list goes on. pop art is not hard to find which is good because it gives you a lot of options to make a room exactly the way you want it! I am going to do some articles on entire room designs and pull together items for people to buy to make a new space…. I think you just inspired me to make a pop art room first on that list. When you get that basement done you will have the most fun, life filled, colorful room around! I will keep you posted on that… I think you just inspired about a dozen new articles on room design LOL.

  3. Pop art is my favorite kind of art because it takes ordinary things and turns them into extraordinary art. It also brings out a certain type of humor in everyday life.

    Being a clothing designer, a lot of my work is inspired by the things that I see and feel. So I’m definitely familiar with the pop art phenomenon.

    Thank you for writing this, it reminded me of why I love pop art and any kind of art for that matter.

    1. I am a lover of art as well so I understand! Pop art has always caught my eye, not for the bright colors alone, but for what you said, making the every day uninteresting objects into something special. My favorite art movements in history are the ones that took a deeper look into the “everyday” – impressionists did the same thing…

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