Sterling Silver Jewelry, can’t get enough!

I keep trying to research other jewelry so I have a lot to share with everyone, but I keep finding sterling silver, so I will just keep sharing that for now…..

Silpada love!

If you are looking to buy sterling silver jewelry that will become go-to, must-have pieces that are well worth the money spent I would say look for Silpada jewelry! I own a lot of Silpada and I love every piece of their jewelry I have ever purchased. What else is there to say? Their designs are gorgeous! they are simple and beautiful – unique and just plain wonderful. I like the quality of their jewelry and really….. Sterling silver jewelry is one of my favorites! I really should stop researching to find more of it but I can’t help myself…

silpada necklace
Prince and the Pauper necklace.….. Oh my! I love this! Silver is a wonderful thing and I believe looks good on everyone. This is simple and beautiful… a must have!




silpada bracelet
We live where there are rattlesnakes…. unfortunately in some areas, lots of them. I have never met a rattlesnake I liked. Until now. This Rattlesnake bracelet by Silpada is simply gorgeous. It is simple and just amazing. The quality of Silpada jewelry is incredible so it has never been a let down to buy a piece of jewelry from them. They have always become the must-have pieces in my own collection. Well worth owning and you will not be disappointed for sure!


sterling silver earrings
I love these Iced Out earrings – the silver with the opal is beautiful and the design is simple and eye-catching. It is always better to own a few pieces of jewelry that are wonderful than a bunch that isn’t worth owning. These are worth it for sure. They would look great with jeans and t shirts or something a little more dressy. Take a look at these and imagine them with your favorite outfits!




sterling silver necklace
I have several cross necklaces and I am always looking for ones that are unique. What can I say? I am a jewelry lover….. This Ornate cross by Silpada I can picture with my favorite spring, floral empire waist dress with my cowgirl boots with a string of pearls with it……(previous post) – I love layers – layers of clothes and layers of jewelry…. and this ornate cross would be amazing with many pieces layered or not!



sterling silver bracelet
I use a chevron pattern in my painting often… I love, love pattern! this bracelet is just great because it adds pattern without being overwhelming….





silpada earrings I have these earrings in my collection. There are some pieces I own because they go with one or two outfits and some because they go with literally everything… these Sphere on Wire Silpada earrings are just that. They go with everything! I never lack earrings to wear anyway, but these are a great pair to have in your collection. They are reasonably priced at $29 and are good quality.



Cleaning Sterling Silver

Cleaning sterling silver jewelry is easy….. A friend of mine told me years ago that she uses and old toothbrush and toothpaste. There is no need to buy special cleaner. Since we all brush our teeth and all use toothbrushes then we already have what is needed to have beautiful, clean and sparkly sterling silver jewelry…. easy peasy!

sterling silver cleaner

Which is your favorite?

I welcome comments and would love to know which is your favorite jewelry! What would you like to see more of? what do you wear- necklaces? bracelets? earrings? I love jewelry and art and want to know what you love!!?!?!





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