Where to buy sterling silver jewelry online

OK, I can admit that I am an Amazon junkie. They have everything. I am a busy mom to three amazing kiddos and my time is limited. Shopping is not always an option because, well if you have ever taken a pile of kids into a store you know how chaotic that can be! Besides being an Amazon junkie I love sterling silver jewelry, or jewelry in general… handcrafted jewelry in just about any material (within reason and good taste)… So what do I do if I want or need some new jewelry? I look online. Where? Amazon is one of my favorites because, like I said they have everything. There are other places which I also plan to highlight but for now, since I just spent an hour on Amazon last night looking at jewelry I want to share some great items I found. (I found a lot, in fact so much I really need to win the lottery so I can afford them all lol)

Sterling Silver Earrings

oh my goodness….. I love earrings! found these great earrings and really just have to share them. I ordereing a pair, and want them all lol…..

sterling silver earrings
I love these! I love the vines and the way the silver wraps the pearl. They are feminine but not over the top…. they would look good with many outfits and are good quality.

handcrafted earrings

The stones are stunning, the wire wrap is beautiful! Truly, there is something so incredible about handcrafted sterling silver jewelry and the addition of the sparkling stone makes it a must have!

Sterling Silver Necklaces

handcrafted sterling silver necklace
I have sterling silver necklaces, I own a few cross necklaces but this one is unique. I love the organic shape – it is beautiful!!!





sterling silver necklace


I love this sweet necklace by Silpada. I always love the quality of Silpada jewelry. I have purchased several pieces from them in the past and it has never been a disappointment. I have never been the person to buy earrings and necklace that match… but, this necklace has some pretty sweet little flower earrings that match this necklace with the same beautiful whimsical garden design….

handcrafted sterling silver earrings



matching earrings… they are fitting for a great dress to leave winter behind and enter into beautiful spring!

Sterling Silver…..

There is so much beautiful jewelry out there, I could literally post a catalog with what I have found lately… yes, I have a special love for jewelry – not just because I create jewelry myself, but because good jewelry can finish a great outfit beautifully and make a basic outfit amazing! the finishing touch of good jewelry is necessary for every girl… and as my daughter tells me, she needs something in every color for every outfit… she is three. lol





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