Who Are We?

We Are Pink Thistle

We Are……

We are wives…daughters…moms….friends….designers….artists to name a few – but  above all else, we are followers of Jesus.We are not writers and other than design skills do not claim to be “experts” in any area – except for our own life experience. We have both been through extremely difficult circumstances which taught us a lot- We have been surrounded with beautiful experiences that have shown us a glimpse of God’s goodness. we have been put in the path of many who have blessed us in both the good and bad times in our lives in such a way that we are who we are, in part, because of their faithfulness. We have also been in the path of many who meant us harm but, we learned from that as well…….

We have design skills and have made our living as artists for a combined 60-ish years between the two of us. We are painters, jewelry designers, home decorators….. We are Kathleen and Corey. We are Pink Thistle.

Our Pink Thistle goals…..

Artistically, we want to increase our audience and share our skills – be it purchasing our designs or pointing others in the right direction….

Life lessons, our goal is to share with others what we have learned and offer the same hope that was given to us….

Why we want to help people……..

We have been blessed, we want to be a blessing……